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Download YouTube Videos On Android with and without any App

Download YouTube Videos

Download YouTube Videos On Android with and without any App

There are not many ways to download YouTube videos on Android. The fact that Google does not allow such activity is one thing. Plus it is considered piracy when someone uses other people’s work for their own gain. That is why there is no real app from the Play Store that actually downloads videos from YouTube.

If by chance that you find one app that promises a way to download YouTube videos on Android, that should be because there are strings attached to it. Some apps include annoying ads or some even inject malware along with the app.

Even though downloading videos from YouTube is not easy, it does not mean that it is impossible. There are ways and tricks on how to do it. Let me show you how it’s done.

How to Download YouTube Videos On Android with and without any App

download youtube videos

So you found a video that you really want to download for offline consumption. But sadly there is no decent app from the Play Store to give that service. Here are some ways you can do it.

Download videos from the YouTube app

In case you do not know yet, you can actually download most videos using the native YouTube app from Google. Every video that you play when you are connected online, there is a button down the video itself that says “download”. Now, while this does not exactly download the video to your local memory storage, it is still available for viewing when you are offline.

When you are not connected to the internet anymore, just open the “Offline mode” inside the YouTube app and you will all the videos you downloaded earlier.

Use the screen recorder.

This one is a nifty trick. Just download any screen recorder app from the Play Store we recommend using AZ Screen Recorder app and you can record the video playing on your Android smartphone device.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Open the screen recorder app.
  2. Ready the button that triggers the screen recording option.
  3. Go to the YouTube app and play your choice of video.
  4. Pause the video.
  5. Tap the screen recorder.
  6. As soon as the screen recorder starts, go to the YouTube video and tap the Play icon.
  7. That’s it. Your video will be available offline saved in your local memory.

The only downside of this method is that you should wait until the video finishes to record. If you are okay with that, then this method will be suited for you.

Download videos through Tubemate app

Tubemate is not available in Play Store so it’s either you download it from Tubemate’s homepage or through the CNET site. Here is what you should do.

  1. Download Tubemate APK file.
  2. Allow installation of third-party apps from the setting “Unknown Sources”.
  3. Install the Tubemate app.
  4. Disable the “Unknown Sources” to prevent other unwanted apps to install as well.
  5. Open the app.
  6. Play your preferred YouTube videos.
  7. Tap on the download icon at the top.
  8. Choose your preferred format and size.
  9. Tap on it and wait for the download.
  10. Enjoy.

Note: If you don’t like TubeMate then check SnapTube or Showbox. Showbox is a great alternative to TubeMate App, the biggest advantage of using showbox is this app gets regular updates. You can get showbox apk from here.

Those are the easiest and the safest way to download YouTube videos on Android. It is up to you which one will better serve you on your purpose. Hopefully, you will not use your downloaded video for anything illegal such as piracy.

If you know of other ways to download YouTube videos, please share it with us here. Just leave your ideas in the comment section.

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What is and What are the benefits

In the united states, Chase bank is one of the largest credit card issuing company. The company has more than 5,000 physical bank branches and more than 16,000 ATM stops located in different locations of America.

The credit card company has quite a lot of credit card loans options. Plus the company operates in more than 80 countries.

The company was first founded in the year of 2000 and over the years they have based their business in America and in few other countries as well. In addition to that, they have more than 1.6 million of customers.

However, if you have recently signed up on the website, then you probably have received a physical card. Also along with the physical card, you may have noticed this URL.

So what it is all about? Well, it is a credit card from the Chase bank. This card can be used to shop online and offline. Plus you can withdraw cash from the ATM points.

However, before you go and start using the card. At first, you need to activate it. Now the question is how do you activate the card? Well, this is where this URL comes under the light.

Anyway to make you understand in a better way, here are all the steps that you have to follow.

How to Activate Chase Credit Card:

  • Well, first of all, go to the URL.
  • After that, you have to click on the “Enroll Now” button.
  • Then you have to enter your band or credit card details along with your SSN.
  • After that, simply create a new user ID.
  • At the next step, you have to confirm your identity. Well, the process is pretty simple, you can confirm your identity using email, text or phone. Simply choose the preferred option.
  • After that, you will receive a verification code from the Chase. Simply enter the code on the website.
  • Now you have to create a new password and confirm it. So enter a new password and click on the next button.
  • Now read all the legal agreements and terms and conditions and then hit the next button.
  • At the next step choose all the additional service that you wish to take. Once you are done selecting the services click on the I Consent button and you are done.

So those were all the steps that you need to follow to activate the chase credit card. However now that you have activated the card, let’s talk about the ways to pay chase credit card bills.

How to pay chase credit card bills?

Well, there are a couple of ways to pay credit card bills. You can pay bills using mail, Phone, Text and so many other ways. However to help you out, here is a guide:

Pay Chase Credit Card Bills Online:

To pay chase credit card bills you have to go to the URL. After that, you have to login and you will get to see all the pending bills.

Pay via mail:

If you want to pay via mail, then simply write a mail to the Chase customer support. Do not forget to mention your name and account number along with the money order. It will take around 5-7 days to complete the payment.

Pay Via Phone:

You can also pay via phone. Simply contact the customer service and ask them to make the payment. Also, you will need the credit card number so make sure, you have it, before calling them up.

Well, that was everything for the article. If you have any questions, then do not forget to comment below.


402-935-7733: Legit or Scam? Everything you need to Know

There have been some concerns regarding the phone number (402) 935-7733. It is with regards to some transactions being charged from some bank accounts and the culprit is identified as PayPal. If you are one of those people who happen to find in their bank billing statements this phone number then you are most likely wondering about the reason you are being charged. If it looks suspicious for you, then here is what you should know about this phone number.

Note: We collected a lot of info from official website of 402-935-7733, you should check it at

What is 402-935-7733?

First of all, the number 402-935-7733 is actually that of PayPal. It is PayPal’s default merchant identification number or phone number. That means any transaction you do related to PayPal, you will see these numbers regularly.

Is it legit?

If you are seeing that number on your bank billing statement, then your first instinct should be confirming if the charge is legit. Yes, despite the fact that such number is of Paypal, you are still not assured that the transaction is 100% legit.


There are some loopholes in this implementation from Paypal or perhaps of the bank as well. Here are some scenarios where you should consider being worried right now.

  1. One factor is that any merchant even the fraudulent ones can use that name and make it look like less suspicious because you are seeing a PayPal’s default name. So your first move is to confirm whether you actually made that transaction or not. If yes, then all is well. If not, then you should file a dispute with PayPal.
  2. The second issue is if you do not have a PayPal account. Being charged with something by PayPal without having a PayPal account is enough reason to really get worried. You should then consult your bank if this happens and see what countermeasure you could do to fix the problem. And if possible, get back the money you were charged.
  3. Another factor is that there are merchants that use this phone number as their identification. As to why they are using this is probably related to good intention or bad. It is possible that they want to look more legit and that people would trust the transaction altogether. The worst part is that they use this phone number to mask their fraudulent activities. And that is a concern that you should report to your bank’s customer service. Otherwise, the incident might happen again. And for that next time, the charge might be bigger than the previous one.

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The issue

The bigger issue in this scenario is the fact that PayPal does not specify what the charge is for. Or more accurately, PayPal does not give more information about why your bank account is being charged.

Let’s hope that this concern will be addressed to PayPal’s customer service so that people will not be so suspicious about why they are being charged. Some added information should not hurt on their part. As their customer, we deserve to know these sorts of details so as not to raise concerns regarding their services.

What you should do

If you are not sure about the reason for the charge to your bank account, raise your concern to involved parties. That means PayPal and your bank customer service. Do not take this issue for granted just because the charge, for now, is small. It will get worse if left unchecked.

And if you can mention the part where they should be including more details regarding the charge on your bank billing statement then, by all means, please do. The more people that will suggest this idea then perhaps PayPal will finally act on it.

Now, if it turns out that the charge is legit and that you just forgot about that transaction, then you can just rest easy. There is no need to panic on your part.