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Chinese Zodiac Animals Facts – Some Basic Facts

Chinese Zodiac Animals Facts – Some Basic Facts

12 Chinese zodiac animals are used to represent years of the lunar calendar, in order are: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

A lot of people want to know about Chinese Zodiac Animals facts so that they can have some more information about what the Chinese believe in. The following are some of the most basic Chinese Zodiac Animals facts about the animals and their relation with the other animals.

As a matter of fact, the relationship between all Chinese Zodiac Animals is very basic. One of the most popular belief about this relationship is that there are two different kinds of energies in the world. These two energies are the Yin and Yang energy.

What You Wanted To Know

The first one of the two yin energies is known as the female energy, while the other is called the male energy. There are seven other animals that are in the group of animals that belong to the female category. Among these are peacocks, dogs, dragons, cats, fishes, and turtles. On the other hand, there are seven other animal that belongs to the category of animals that belong to the male category. Among these are the lions, unicorns, leopards, panthers, elephants, and rhinos. Most people believe that the relationship between these seven categories of animals is very complex.

In Chinese Zodiac, there are some animals that are believed to be a little bit of both the male and the female category. These animals are known as the Yang and Yin animals. Among them are the ox, the tiger, the horse, the dragon, the monkey, and the snake.

However, there are a lot of Chinese Zodiac Animals facts that include some basic facts about these two different categories. Among these are that they are considered to be equal in many ways. They also are considered to be very similar, so they will not be considered as different animals from each other. You can also check chinese zodiac rat, my chinese zodiac and know more about chinese new year.


In Chinese Zodiac, they are considered to be very good friends of each other. It is very important for them to make sure that they will always look for the welfare of each other in any kind of problems. They will also make sure that they will always give each other support in every kind of problems that they face. They are also supposed to help each other in order for them to have a peaceful life in life. Chinese Zodiac animals should be able to provide everyone with the things that they need in order for them to survive in life.


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